Thursday, February 21, 2013

Reasons our Marché is one of the top Romantic Flea Markets in America!

The word 'romantic' is often used to describe works of art of a particular kind.  It stems from the word 'romance' - originally a medieval tale of chivalry, with scenes and incidents remote from ordinary life.
There is a surprising connection to the word 'romancer', which can be defined as 'one who deals with extravagant fiction'.  For that is, in a wonderful sense, what our vendors in the Roses & Rust Vintage Home & Garden Market are: truly talented people who contrive to make us ignore the world outside and believe the impossible is attainable. 

The romantic approach offers a wonderfully soothing way of escaping from the harassment of everyday life.

For the last 2 years, Romantic Homes Magazine  has awarded the Roses & Rust Marché the distinction of being one of the top Romantic Flea Markets in America.

Our vision is to create a Marché that appeals to the senses and takes you away from the jostle and tension of everyday life; one that also appeals to the spirit and gives you the opportunity to evoke your imagination to create your own unique environment. 

Viva la Romance!

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