Vendors We Love

Anna Corba 

We are honored to include Anna as one of our very talented vendors at the Marché du Printempts.  She is a published collage artist  from  Sonoma, California.
Her medium?   Everything from paper ephemera, buttons, and vintage lace to French bottles and scrabble letters....."found objects" which have caught her eye through years of shopping at sales & Flea markets around the globe.
From her studio she has developed a lovely product line that is showcased in stores like Anthropologie and Rachell Ashwell Shabby Chic.

Be prepared to be just plain inspired by her art.  
A favorite Anna quote: 
"Dipping my hands into the wealth this (her gathered items) beauty, I feel anchored to something larger than myself, able to see past what already exists, into a vast opening of possibility..." 

Mark Davis

This artist's talents are plentiful and varied.                

When he's not flying helicopters, working as a police officer or riding in the rodeo, he is working in his rural northern California art studio. Completely self- taught Mark works with metal to create some of the most interesting garden art we have seen. Mark enjoys working on personalized pieces and can create custom pieces just for you. He also has a very special line of Pet Memorial markers which can be customized as well. We love his versatility and intricate designs.

Old Soul Studios

James & Jacquie Ferreria love vintage and aged items that portray a silent story about them.  Together, they create new items from salvaged items and create new stories, kind of like the makings of "An Old Soul". 

They are masters at  the art of making something out of nothing, making something old into something new!  We are delighted to welcome them back to our Marché!

Altered Wing Studios

A new business in the Redding area, this inspiring studio is owned by Ginger Carter Mallard from La Beau Papion and Kimberly Snowden formerly from Garnet Heart.
Ginger does a WONDERFUL job of re-purposing & re-creating for her line of jewelry! Her talents are many when it comes to creating jewelry...... soldering, name it, she does it! And her talents do not stop as a jewelry artist; she also is an AMAZING seamstress and re-creates old luggage into beautiful jewelry displays!!!! 
Kimberly is one of our show organizers, and also is a first class jewelry creator, furniture painter and designer!

Kathy Anderson 
A first time vender to Roses & rust, Kathy is a bundle of talent.  Re-purposing is her specialty, and we love the way she celebrates stuff that usually sits in the bottom of a drawer.

She makes the niftyist memory boxes and collages.  

And you know those old small tin jello molds that grandma used to have in her kitchen drawer?  You will be amazed by what she creates with them. 
Kathy is not stingy; she teaches workshops on how to create many works of art like hers!

Terry Neggers

Creating is her passion! Her medium for her art? Vintage, rusty type things.  Things like old rulers, toothbrush holders, pieces of ephemera, dead paint brushes, mummified tubes of  oil colors or water colors, what ever catches her fancy!
We are thrilled to be the venue for Terry's debut as a vendor!  Make a special effort to stop by and meet her, and be prepared to be
inspired by her.

Visit her creative blog at:

Lorie Lynn Designs
Participating in Roses & Rust from the beginning, Viki Twyman and Bobbi Berg work together to create jewelry, specializing in Vintage pieces.  Ten percent of their profit is donated to breast cancer research and programs.  Be sure to stop by their space to enjoy the fruits of their labor and treat  yourself with some creative treasures!

Rustic Redo's

At the age of 5, Sandy Connors reluctantly frequented antique shows with her parents. "I could not believe how long it took for them to get through the shows," she remembers, "looking at every single booth, scouring for that treasure."
As she grew up,  she started to enjoy the shows and collecting her own special items.
"Now my husband and I are going to those antique shows and flea markets looking for fun and unusual items from our past. It's the thrill of the hunt. The adrenalin rush as the search begins.
We look at things differently now. We turn them upside down, inside out, trying to find a new use for a neglected item."

You will be thrilled to see her collection this
Marché and hopefully take home your
own special treasures!

Mountian Girl Soap & Sundries

Naomi handmakes vegan soaps in her Round Mountain studio, specializing in fresh products that are kind to your skin and our environment. Never any perservatives, detergents, or dyes, her soap is high in natural glycerin, rich in essential fatty acids, and certified vegan and cruelty-free.

Not all handmade soap is created equal; her secret to superior soap is in her formula which produces a bar that is moisturizing, has a rich, fluffy lather, and is hard and long lasting. Top that with unique packaging which has actual wild flower seeds imbedded in the biodegradable paper, and your bathing and beautification rituals will be an unforgettable experience. 

Welcome Naomi to Roses & Rust Vintage Home & Garden Market!

Mamie's Place

For eleven years, Barbara Mann enjoyed being 
the shop owner of "The Amber Lamp Gift Shoppe" on Park Marina Dr. in Redding.  Because of her love of vintage and antiques, she now is a vendor in Flea Markets with the name "Mamie's Place" (the name was inspired by her first grandchild) and we are fortunate to have her be part of the Roses and Rust Vintage Home & Garden Market twice a year. 
"You never know what treasures I will be parting with or have recently found.," she says. "The Roses and Rust crew have a beautiful show and know how to keep it fun!  It is great meeting new people with similar interests and and seeing old friends and customers who have always been an inspiration."

Joyful Soul Creations  
Bernadette Wheeler is all about empowering adornment. She creates visually appealing, well crafted, "feel good" pieces of jewelry that you will love to wear!

"I love to make pieces with nature in mind and enjoy mixing different materials to create one of a kind jewelry. As in life I continually allow myself to be open to change and use new techniques to make pieces that will appeal to a diverse group of people."

Chubba Chunk

Kristen Twyman has had a knack for crafting and sewing from childhood, with her mom as her mentor.
She tells us, " I began making pot holders for my grandma and my passion for sewing grew from there.
Fast forward 20 something years to April 2012 when my nephew was born.  He was the most adorable baby boy I had ever seen (I know, I know everybody says that about their babies, but he seriously was!).  Well his mommy is a big music producer and total rock star which meant that plain white onesies just wouldn't be enough for him.  He needed to have some amazing, punk rock inspired onesies.  I took it upon myself to create some onesies that would be perfect for their lives.

Once the word got out that I made

these for him I had requests left and
right for other fabrics, other sizes,
custom orders.  It was fantastic. 
So what started as just a special little gift
for my adorable nephew, grew into
Chubba Chunk Design, a place to get more than just a white onesie, you get a fashion statement for the little bundle of baby in your life!"

Gilbert Country Antiques 
From Fairfield, California, Michelle and her Mother in-law, Shawn have been in business together for about a year
"We have many re-purposed items and rare finds. Our passion is for French Antiques. We often fly to Newport Beach and attended private container openi
ngs. We are able to purchase French, Austrian, and German, Antiques just in from over seas and have first pick of some absolutely Fabulous stuff!

Our prices are so affordable because we work straight with the dealers that purchase from France or some of these other Countries".
Welcome Michelle and Shawn to our Marché du Printemps!


Laurae Hartsock
As an Antique dealer for about 30 years, Laurae is gifted at mixing Antiques with today's collectibles. She is a veteran of setting up for shows
in the Chico,  Red Bluff, and Redding and never seems to run out of ideas on how to display her offerings in a fresh new way. She keeps at it because of the people...."it's always great to see old customers and meet new ones" she says.
Be sure to stop and talk with her at Marché d' Automne.

Antique Lemons

Antique Lemons is a business specializing in unique furniture refinishing.   You will be wowed by how they re-vitalize furniture and make it centerpiece materiel.  This comes from their passion for restoring furniture in a unique and artistic way, giving each peice an individual look.  They work their magic on cabinets, desks, coffee tables, end tables, mirrors, dining tables, old doors, shutter doors, dressers, beds, and more.  
We are anzious to see what they bring to our next Marché!