Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Anna Corba signing books and Romantic Homes Magazine at Roses & Rust Soirée and Marché du Printempts

Anna says her journey began when her “flea market collections refused to lay tame” on her studio’s shelves.  Her paintings began including paper ephemera and objects she’d gathered over the years. Love of collage, vintage items beautifully collected gave birth to her own product line. Her work has been showcased in specialty boutiques as well as larger emporiums (Anthropologie)  across the country.


She is the author of 

Doodling in French: How to Draw with Joie de Vivre


Vintage Paper Crafts


Memories of a Lifetime: Alphabets & Ornaments: Artwork  for Scrapbooks & Fabric-Transfer Crafts


She has been featured in

Where Women Create: Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women

Country Living's Crafting A Business 

as well as in this April's issue of Romantic Homes Magazine.



Besides her book projects and travel to France she has workshops to share her “love of collage using vintage elements.”


She will be signing copies of the April issue of Romantic Homes, as well as her own books 




“I prefer naturally-aged pieces most of all. I've been known to bury things in dirt, leave them out in the rain to be wrinkled, leave them in the sun to be bleached, throw my ribbons in the bathtub, drain my coffee grounds over parchment and, of course, dye my tags with leftover tea bags. I also love the use of melted beeswax as a muted soft patina over general collage work."


Come to the Soirée Friday April 12, 5-8 pm for an even more relaxed meeting with Anna.

Her books and some Romantic Homes Magazines will be available to purchase.