Sunday, May 8, 2011

We are happy to welcome these Fabulous Vendors...

 Pam Wood - Farmhouse Chic : Just like it sounds her wares look like they are right out of that perfect old Farmhouse! You will love her mixture of household furnishings!

The Blooming Boutique - Fabulous Hats and Hair Accessories

Judy Hampshire - Barn Wood Creations

Jodi White ~ Potluck Antiques

Steve Hooper - Wine Barrel Racks/Creations

Antique Cottage & Garden : You will feel like you just strolled into a boutique in Paris!

Viva Home Furnishings : Coming all the way from Reno we look forward to seeing all the great home furnishings they will be bringing!

Vintage Annex : Vintage Clothing and Jewelry

Myrna's Memories : Mix of Antiques and Vintage Wares

Sum of the Parts : Incredible Clocks made from salvage piano's, organs, and other salvage materials.

Lorie Lynn Designs : Beautiful Artisian Jewelry and trinkets

Hill House : Excited to have Hill House joining us again all the way from Medford! Great mix of Vintage and Antiques for your home. Cant wait to see what she brings this time!!

Re-Create : You choose a vintage button and  she will make you a ring!

Kara Stewart Photography : Extremely talented and very well know in our area Kara's work is incredible and we are so happy to have her with us for this event!

Vicki Catomerisios : Antiques/ Vintage Wares

Petals : Bringing a little bit of  Paradise... or at least from Paradise, Bill & JoAnna have a great mix of rustic wares, antiques, vintage...ooh cant wait!

In a Jam : Well jam ofcourse! I cant wait to try Bonnie's delicious jam, I've heard how good it is but I look forward to trying some myself. :)

Ginger Mallard~ Lady Baggins : Don't miss her booth! Very unique Jewelry creations, the butterfly wing necklaces are BEAUTIFUL!!! She also has great bottlecap magnets.

Mindy Warner ~ The Tattered Loft : Like it sounds tattered furnishings, shabby chic, makes my heart go pitter patter.

Joyful Soul : The very talented Bernadette will be showcasing her gorgeous jewelry.

The Smith Hotel - Keeping Calm and Carrying On :) wonderful mix of vintage household wares, jewelry, and lots of fun stuff!! She will probably have her cute little owls with her too!

Treasures : Looking forward to seeing their wonderful collection of Antiques.

Sue Holmes : Joining us with a mix of wares ...Panited Rocks, Baskets, Pots.

Maggie Mae : Get your Girly Girl treasures here! Wonderful mix of Antiques, Vintage, Collectibles, Pillows, Hand Braided Rugs, and more!

Two Peas in a Pinch : Vintage Wedding Accessories, Sashes.

That's not even half of our Vendor's, but that's all I'm giving you for tonight! More to come, stay tuned!


  1. I can't wait!!!! June 4th can't get here soon enough!!!

  2. I was at the Craft Fair at the Beadman this last Saturday and spoke about it to every single person practically that came into my booth. I wish I would have had more cards. Some people took pictures of the card so they would have it. I am already so excited.

  3. I read about your show somewhere in blog world and hoped to come some day.We will be visiting family in Marysville CA that week from San Diego. I just figured out that your show is only 2 hours from my sister-in-laws . I'm pretty sure that means extra "Roadtrip"I sure hope to make it !!!! It sounds great!!!

  4. Thank you all for the great comments! I am excited to have so many coming to our show! Robin,I hope you do take an extra little "roadtrip" up to our show, it will be worth your while!